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Hi! I’m Fran, the creator of Open Fire Jewellery in Ottawa, Canada. I design, cut, form, solder, set and polish your jewellery.

My Open Fire journey began while working for a small business offering gemstones from around the world. It was there that I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could about the origin and history of gemstones and jewellery design.

Using skills acquired from my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and basic metal-smithing training, my passion grew into my dream and Open Fire was created in 2015.

With a lot of hard work and the support of my community, I have been a full time creator of unique gemstone jewellery ever since!

I am inspired by connection, symbolism, colour and the possibilities of design.

Jewellery has always been a way to express myself. Whether it be sadness or celebration, I have always turned to jewellery as a reminder of strength, beauty and self-love.

Creating jewellery that resonates with others is truly my dream come true. My hope is that Open Fire can serve as meaningful tokens to represent who and what you value most in life.

"Precious jewel, you glow, you shine, reflecting all the good things in the world. Just look at yourself."
-Maya Angelou.

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Open Fire speaks to those who value symbolism, the beauty of nature and the warmth of handmade work.

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Press Mentions

March 2021:
Fran chats about her journey with small business with Josie Baerg.
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January 2019:
Open Fire is featured in Willow Lamoureux’s series, ‘Ottawa Icons.’

March 2018:
Open Fire is featured in Ottawa Neighbours, a showcase of local business owners.

February 2018:
Open Fire is featured on Rogers TV for their 'Celebrate Ottawa' series.

September 2016:
Open Fire is a featured #creator in the Toronto based blog, Creators Commune.

March 2016: 
Open Fire is featured in the Ottawa creatives blog, Faisons-ici.