OOAK Gem Rings


OOAK Gemstone Rings: choose your own stone!
Made to Order in Sterling Silver + yellow 14K Goldfill.
1.2mm smooth band + 4 claw gem setting. 
*Please confirm your desired ring size in the notes section in your cart at checkout.

Stones available:
Stone #1: Raw Diamond, 5mm
Stone #2: Watermelon Tourmaline, 6mm
Stone #3: Green Sapphire, 6.5x9mm
Stone #4: Aquamarine, 5x8mm
Stone #5: Garnet, 5x7mm
Stone #6: Amethyst, 5x7mm
Stone #7: Topaz, 5mm

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Handmade in Ottawa, Canada using quality materials designed for long term wear. 

Open Fire views jewellery as little sculptures, tokens of symbolism and a reminder of self.

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