Inspire Bracelets, 7": OOAK


Inspire Bracelets: One of a Kind
Made from Sterling Silver, 14K Goldfill + various gemstones.
7" in length.

1x Moonstone(white) + Tanzanite (blue)
1x Emerald (green)
1x Ruby (pink)
1x Dark Pearl

Sterling Silver:
1x Herkimer Diamond (clear, raw stones)
1x Emerald (green)

The HoneyMoon Collection:
A collection of jewellery that is inspired by my recent honeymoon in Italy. Admiring the scenes of Rome, Florence & Venice, I took in so much creativity! Italy was full of spirals, swirls, twists, curves and colours. I had so much fun dreaming up and creating these pieces. I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

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Handmade in Ottawa, Canada using quality materials designed for long term wear.

Open Fire views jewellery as little sculptures, tokens of symbolism and a reminder of self.

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